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What is a Sound Bath?

Sound bath is an excellent way to experience a state of deep peace and calm using sound and musical instruments.

The beautiful sounds bring balance and harmony to the body, promote positive energy, and an effective form of meditation. It can help ease stress and anxiety.

A sound bath helps you relieve stress, reduce pain, and deepen your meditation practice. All you do is show up for yourself and relax as the beautiful sounds lead you into meditative states.

5 Steps To Create Your Own Sound Bath At Home

Although recommended, It is not always possible to go to a sound healing practitioner for a relaxing sound bath experience. Here are 5 steps you can follow create in your own sound bath at home:

Step 1 : Create Your Own Sacred Space

A sacred space is your own private sanctuary that you can create to perform rituals, meditation, yoga, journaling and other transforming experiences that you are drawn to. It is completely up to you how you design your space. Your space has to reflect your own spirit and beliefs. You can create an altar using crystals, dieties (if you believe in them), flowers, art pieces, etc.

Your space can be an entire room or a small corner. It does not matter. All it matters is you have space that helps you connect to your higher spirit and lets you feel centered.

Step 2 : Set an intention for your practice

An intention is a short, positive statement that you can create that can act as the guideline and center of your practice. Intentions are powerful ways to set the tone of your practice or even your day, week or month. Intentions combined with sound can create magical experiences and manifestations.

Step 3 : Set up an instrument or instruments for your practice

Set up your instruments that you will be using for the sound bath in your sacred space so you can use them easily for your practice. Alternatively, you can also download or play sound healing music on your device if you do not have sound instruments of your own.

What Instruments To Use In A Sound Bath?

You can use a lot of different instruments to create your own sound bath. Everyone is drawn to different sounds and is soothed by different sounds. A typical sound bath consists of crystal singing bowls, tibetan bowls, drums, chimes, gongs and more.

Here are four of my favorite instruments to use in a sound bath:
  1. Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls: Crystal bowls are made of quartz crystals that have been melted down and sand blessed into a mold to cool. The quartz is heated to around 3000 degrees and then becomes soft and malleable. Quartz crystal has a unique ability to resonate sound and often keeps going for as long as 5 minutes after you stop playing them.

2. Tibetan Singing Bowls: Tibetan Singing Bowls are made of brass, copper and few other fusion of metals and alloys.

3. Ocean drum : An ocean drum is a percussion instrument that produces soothing ocean sounds. They make an excellent sound of the waves in absence of a real environment by the sea.

4. Koshi Chimes : Koshi chimes are handmade wooden chimes of great quality. They are very melodious and it is quite easy to carry an entire sound bath just with the help of Koshi chimes.

Step 4 : Connect with your instrument and play it

Now that you have set up your instruments and created an intention for your space and practice, it is time for you to play your instruments and get connected to the beautiful sounds played. Every time you get distracted by thoughts, come back to the sounds that you are playing. Use your breath as a second anchor to make this a highly meditative experience.

Step 5: Connect with your body and mind and use your voice to guide your healing

Focus on your internal state of mind and body and use your voice to create elemental sounds and let go of any stuck energy in your body. Vocal toning is a powerful healing practice and can be a sound healing practice of it’s own. Your voice is the most powerful sound instrument and the vibrations of the sounds we make can be very healing. Use your intuition and follow the lead of your voice to move through the sound bath.

Sound baths are a great way to bring deep restorative and relaxation practice to your mind and body. It helps you to completely and truly surrender and let go. Creating your own sound bath can be a powerful experience. Sometimes you need extra guidance in order to make sure you are doing your practice right. For this, every quarter, I am hosting a sound bath practitioner event that will help you get beyond the basics and help you create a sound bath for you and your family with ease. Find more about this event here

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