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Sound healing is an ancient form of healing with roots in Asia, Australia, Native America, Greece and other regions of the world.

Sound healing is finding its ground again in the new age spirituality. The sound healing bowls look enchanting, esoteric and sound heavenly and that’s what attracts people to them the most. But it is not just the aesthetics that is what is so great about sound healing.  Sound healing is becoming highly popular as a tool to help facilitate meditation. It is a tool that helps people with the much needed relaxation that they need in today’s world.  Along with meditation and relaxation, sound healing has immense benefits like better sleep, trauma recovery, surgery and addiction recovery, healing from grief and prosperity and manifesting and more. 

I started on my sound healing journey because of complete curiosity. Someone gifted me a tiny Tibetan bowl and I had no idea how to ring it. I happened to view a few videos online and then started reading more in depth about sound healing. I have since then had a few mentors and have been learning from them one at a time. I have hosted several online and in person sound baths and led many clients through sound journeys. 

While learning and sharing these, I have realized that sound healing is not a one class and done thing. It is a journey in itself. A journey not only about learning the physical benefits of sound healing but a journey that takes you deeper and connects you with your higher self.      

What is Sound Healing?

Sound healing in the most simple terms is the use of vibrations to bring about a relaxation response in your nervous system. The vibrations can be created using sound healing instruments like singing bowls, tuning forks, gongs and even your own voice. 

A sound healer is a person that creates space for you through sound. A sound healer or for that matter any energy healer is not someone who heals you. They simply create an environment that is optimum for your mind, body and spirit system to go into a healing mode. 

How to get started with Sound Healing

In order to get started with sound healing, there are many ways you can go on this route.

  1. You can attend a sound bath near you and experience the magic of sound bowls and vibrations in person. 
  2. You can go to Youtube and search for sound healing music videos and find a lot to choose from and meditate to those. 
  3. You can purchase your own singing bowl or chime and learn how to play for yourself and meditate to those
  4. You can use your own voice and sing mantras and chants 
  5. You can get trained to become a sound healing practitioner and get in depth knowledge in this subject. If you are interested in a beginner sound bath practitioner training, you can check it out here.
  6. You can listen to the sounds of nature and meditate on them
  7. You can play instruments like drums, flutes and gongs and notice how their vibrations affect your mind, body, soul system. 

Tips for Success in Sound Healing

The best way to be successful in sound healing is to begin your own sound healing practice. And by that I do not mean as a sound healer for others but first using sound healing for yourself as a tool for personal healing and meditation. The more you practice sound healing, the more closer you will get to connecting with the inner sacred sound and finding your purpose. 

Start with daily 5 minute practice. You can do chanting, singing, sound bowl or tuning fork practice. It doesn’t matter which instrument and method of sound healing you choose. 

Common Questions/FAQ About Sound Healing

  • Who should not attend sound healing?
    • Anyone with thrombosis, first trimester of pregnancy or history of seizures should stay away from sound healing. In any other severe illness, it is best to ask your medical practitioner before you attend a sound healing session
  • What are some books you can read on sound healing? 
  • Does sound healing really work?
    • There is a lot of research pending in sound healing work. Some initial studies have found sound healing with bowls highly effective for using as a stress management tool. Here is an example of a case study:
  • What are the different types of sound healing therapy?
    • Crystal Bowl Sound Baths
    • Tibetan Healing
    • Gong Healing
    • Mantra Chanting
    • Singing
    • Shamanic Drumming
    • Tuning Forks
    • Music Therapy
    • Nada Yoga
    • Raga Music Therapy (Classical indian music used for therapy)
    • Vocal Toning
    • Guided Meditations
  • Who should experience sound healing? 
    • Anyone who is interested in sound healing should attend and experience the magic of this trade. Sound healing is useful for anyone who is under stress, someone who wants healing from trauma, someone who is healing from surgery, someone who is suffering from insomnia, someone who is a caregiver and is in need of self care, someone who wants to improve focus, someone who just wants to relax. Sound healing is also useful for anyone who is in the journey of addiction recovery. It is always advisable to take doctor’s consent before attending sound healing experiences especially for anyone with medical conditions, or someone who has metal inserts, implants, use stimulation devices or pacemakers, etc. 

The Last Thing You Need to Know about Sound Healing

Sound healing is an amazing experience for people to relax and elevate their mood and find deep rest in midst of chaos and stress. It is an easy and passive form of meditation, where all you have to do is listen to sounds and let go. 

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