Ever since I have known the power of visualization and vision boarding, I have fallen in love with the process of making vision boards and seeing the vision manifest and come true beautifully. 

Now you might think this is woo woo but actually it is not. What you focus on grows. When you focus on your goals, you take aligned actions and your visions manifest. 

What is Vision Boarding?

Vision boarding is the process of creating a physical visual representation of you goals in order for you to create a focal point of motivation to make your dreams come true. 

You literally create a board that is filled with images and words of how you want to feel when you achieve your life’s goals. 

When do vision boards not work?

As much as I am a fan of vision boarding, there are times when vision boards do not work. 

Here are some reasons vision board do not work:

  1. You create a vision board but do not focus on taking any action on your goals and just sit and hope and wish for your dreams to come true. 
  2. You create a vision board but do not work on your belief systems that tell you that your goals will never come true. 
  3. You create a vision board and look at it daily and wonder when things will come true and then you cry and create low vibes and hate your vision board because your dreams are not coming true. 

Now the truth is, in order to achieve your goals you have to take action. Either through working on your energy and belief systems or taking concrete actions towards your goals, you have to take action. The most forgotten part about law of attraction is that you have to take aligned action and meet Universe the half way. 

How do vision boards actually work?

I am a huge fan of setting intentions and carrying on inspired actions. Vision board is a similar process but only visual. 

You set your intentions and goals through beautiful images and words that help you create the feelings as if you have already achieved those goals. 

Now when you create these vision boards you write down what are the first 3  action steps you would take in order for you to make these visions possible for you. Now these actions do not always have to be thought through, should not always have been tested. They can purely arise from your gut feeling and intuition. When you follow on this path of aligned actions, you will be led through a path of synchronicities that will bring your vision to fruition. 

What are synchronicities?

A great book that I recommend to read is Deepak Chopra’s Synchrodestiny  [Amazon Affiliate Link] to learn more about synchronicities.

Synchronicities are events or coincidences that happen one after the other that take you to your goal fulfillment but they can only be traced backwards to know that they are happening. Now if you follow the book you might be able to figure out a great way to know when synchronicities are happening in real life. 

How to get started with a vision board?

To create a vision board, you need some supplies. 

Here is a list of my favorite go – to vision board supplies:

  1. Poster Board
  2. Markers
  3. Glue
  4. Or Glue Sticks
  5. Magazines To Cut Images From
  6. Planner Stickers
  7. More stickers
  8. Motivational Cards
  9. Instead of Poster Board You Can Also Use This White Board and Cork Board Combo . In this you will use push pins and magnets instead of glue. 

How to make vision boarding fun?

  1. You can play an amazing list of motivational music
  2. You can invite your friends or involve your partner or children and have them create their own boards with you
  3. Meditate and Set intentions before the process
  4. Create space in your calendar as well as in your home or office in order to give undivided attention to your vision boarding process. Make it as much or as less ritualistic as you like. 
  5. You can light up candles, have your favorite beverage and make it fun. 
  6. You can even have a vision board party and have everyone bring a dish to share

What are the exact steps to create a vision board?

  1. Create a space where you can set your board, your magazines, your supplies etc. 
  1. Find someone who can guide you through a visualization meditation or pick a favorite one on Youtube or design your own. 
  1. Pick up magazines and cut down any images that you like and that put you into a feeling of how you would like to feel when you achieve your goals.
  1. You can also choose words, quotes along with images that remind you of your vision’s fruition.
  1. Now glue these to your board. 
  1. You can also create your own art on the board along with pasted images
  1. Now find a sacred space in your house to keep this board and make sure it is visible to your eyes daily
  1. Every day review your vision board and set your daily intentions and work on your goals and see them come to fruition. 

 My 5 Favorite Books That Will Keep You Motivated Throughout The Year To Achieve  Your Goals

  1. Success Principles
  2. Lucky Bitch
  3. The Four Agreements
  4. Essentialism
  5. Big Magic

Do you feel well equipped with knowledge to create vision boards? Do you think you will create a vision board this year? 

Let me know in the comments below. 

One Last Thing About Vision Boards

Now vision boards are not just about cutting and posting pretty images on a large sheet of paper. It is so much more than that. 

It is about getting into the feeling about what is already manifested. It is about believing that you are worthy of your vision and that the vision will come to you when the time is right. 

A lot of people go wrong in these steps and never see the vision boards come true. 

That is why I have created a vision board pre-planning worksheet for you so you are in the right energy when you are creating the vision boards. 

Energy is everything and vision boards require your best energy put forward. 

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