Are You Ready To Spring Into Prosperity?

Join me for a 40 day transformational experience that shifts your energy into more abundance, more joy and finally more wealth! 

This experience begins on March 28,2022


 Hello! I’m Sneha

Conscious Prosperity Coach

Two years ago, the world shut down and life as we know it changed for all of us. Yet, how each of us experienced the world in the pandemic was truly different. For some, it was a blessing in disguise and for others, it was a calling from hell. 

Sometimes it felt like it was too easy to get wrapped up in our blankets and wake up late, show up or not show up and give up on all the planned dreams. 

Sometimes it felt like others are living to their fullest, but when you look back at your past two years, you feel miserable, low energy and not at all where you want to be. 

I am here to let you know that you are not alone and I got you! If you feel that it is time to shake off this low energy, work on your mindset and create transformation and momentum, I have something for you. 

Hi! I am Sneha Jhanb, Conscious Prosperity Coach, and Amazon International #1 New Release Author. I am hosting a magical 40 day transformational experience to help  your life become radically and wonderfully  better! 

Let’s get ready and prepared to live our prosperous year yet!

Experience a multi-dimensional transformation approach

In our time together, we will focus on 

1. Fast forward your energy from low to high vibe so you can make the most of the beautiful time of spring and invite new energies into your being

2. Rewriting stories of lack and low self-confidence that will help you propel faster into the future of your dreams

3. Creating rituals that will continue to help you prosper beyond the transformational experience

4. Create space for miracles and joy in your life

Sneha, How Will You Do That?

I have a multi-dimensional healing process that helps you get so clear on the inside out, so that your new life magically starts appearing before you. I’m excited to share that process with you 

Let me say that again because it’s so important. I have a process that I will take you through that will help you get so much clarity in your year, that it will start to manifest on its OWN.

My Favorite Dreams That Have Come True Using This Process

  • Becoming a published author, when I really was worried that I couldn’t in the middle of the pandemic!
  • Move from Vegas to a greener space! (Atlanta happened, of course!)
  • Owning a Tesla car
  • Traveling internationally in a first class 
  • Naming my business “prosperous” (That was something that happened too literally)
  • Speak at retreats 
  • Paid coaching and energy healing clients
  • Getting our basement built out at 50% of what I wanted to pay to get it built
  • A trip to Egyptian Pyramids 
  • Northern Lights
  • Manifesting my wedding vow renewals in a beautiful church
    And so much more…


In this 40 day transformational experience, you will encounter the amazing connection and learning that goes on within the sacred space of new positive-minded friends and have me as your guide to set the perfect foundation for creating the life you are desiring from the bottom of your heart. 

How is this transformational experience different?

This is the first time you have gone through the pandemic and you are ready to get over with the low energy that came with it. This transformational experience is different because we have never faced anything so uncertain before in our entire lives. This experience will help you understand how to navigate through times of uncertainties and rely on the power within you.  


 The benefits of joining this transformational experience are:

  • Shake the energy of the past
  • Release stories and belief systems that no longer serve your goals
  • Getting crystal clear on the prosperity vision of what you desire in 2022 and beyond
  • Learn the rituals and take action to make a prosperous you come true

    Here’s how we make it happen:

    • Every day for 40 days, you receive a lesson (audio/video or written), a workbook and an activity, meditation or healing ritual from me to help you spring into prosperity 
    • For 40 days, you get a community of like-minded people who go through this experience with you and you get the opportunity of a safe space to share your feelings, emotions and stories as well as desires.
    • You learn manifesting rituals that will help you accelerate your dream life


    It is your time to spring into prosperity!

    Last two years have been overwhelmingly difficult. I understand. But you cannot live like that for ever. 

    It is time to shake off the old energy and call in momentum. 

    I am here to  support you and help you bring your dreams and visions back to life and create momentum in your life. 

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