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The Ultimate Relaxation Package (Online and In -Person)


A service to help you feel completely relaxed and rejuvenated so you can take care of your goals with more focus, more peace and more clarity. 

Each session is a unique blend of yoga nidra and sound healing to help you deepen your relaxation. Each session has a built in visualization and intention setting exercise that helps you focus your energy into manifesting your vision of your dreams. 

The session ends with a 7-card Tarot reading to help you gain more clarity and understanding on your life-path. You also get a blessing and a message from the Animal Spirit World. 


Feel Completely relaxed

Private 1:1 Sessions

Live a little

Treat Yourself

This 90 minute retreat will leave you feeling whole and help you let go of your stresses and worries. It will balance your chakras and cleanse your aura and leave you with a bright smile on your face. Go home feeling excited and more focused on the things that really matter.


What They Say

Namrata T

I loved every session of Yoga Nidra with Sneha, her instructions were simple and easy to follow. She was very clear and I could feel her calm energy radiate and in turn, calm me down. After every session, I was able to sleep really well and I felt as if all my stress had melted away. I also felt the connection to myself and realized how much my body and mind needed this. I will highly recommend this session to anyone looking to find a way to connect to your higher self.”

Jill C

I am grateful that I experienced these sessions and that Sneha introduced me to this practice. It’s a wonderful way to relax and get relief from daily stressors as well as the extra issues going on in our country right now. It allowed me to slow down and let go of the things described above and just be in the moment, being soothed by Sneha’s voice giving instructions during the meditation. I think these sessions would be very helpful in getting to sleep at night if I were having trouble sleeping as well. For someone who wants the benefits of a mediation session, but isn’t sure how to achieve themselves; this is the solution..”

Erin G

I was so excited to work with Sneha and learn about yoga Nidra. I didn’t know anything about it, but it ended up being exactly what I needed at that time. Sneha has a calming voice and I was able to relax and take some time for me.”

Varsha P

Sneha is doing such a wonderful job of promoting mindfulness. Her techniques are the interesting ways to keep a daily mental health check on self and it does help stress less than usual; especially in these trying times of pandemic.”

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