100 Hour Mindfulness Meditation Sadhana

Bring mindful awareness to all parts of your being starting with a regular mindfulness meditation practice 

Join our 2023 100 Hour mindfulness meditation sadhana group

Sadhana is a sanskrit word for discipline or daily spiritual practice. Developing Mindfulness takes practice. We are so used to going through our days not really thinking or being aware that it will startle you once you start practicing the art of mindfulness. You will become aware of everything and experience it in the present moment versus the past or the future through deliberate mental practices. Mindfulness practice begins with meditation.

Throughout your life you can struggle emotionally when you are confronted with adverse circumstances.  When you don’t get what you want in life, if you suffer from great loss or have to deal with things you don’t want to deal with you are constantly seeking ways to feel better.

Mindfulness is a 2500 year old tradition of Buddhist psychology.  Mindfulness has to be experienced directly.  Mindfulness comes from within because it is intuitive and pre-conceptual.

With practice over time you can figure out how to become more and more mindful in your everyday life.  Mindfulness can help even if you are in the middle of significant suffering.  Mindfulness has been compared to a deeply personal journey of discovery.

Mindfulness is meant to bring about awareness, attention, and remembering.  Awareness means becoming aware and fully enjoying and appreciating the things around you no matter how small it is. 

Mindfulness is not an end-all or doorway to happiness but it can provide you with the foundation you need to build those skills.

By allowing yourself to get rid of habits in your mind that can cause you unhappiness the result will be letting go of anger, envy, greed or other harmful behaviors that serve no purpose.

Mindfulness brings about self-acceptance and self-understanding.  We bring upon ourselves unwanted emotional and behavioral problems simply by trying to avoid discomfort and throwing ourselves into some other sort of change-seeking activity.

Mindfulness is about awareness and acceptance first and changes second

Accountability Group

It is more likely that you follow through on your daily sadhana with like minded people. An accountability group brings you together with other mindful beings like you. 

Meditation Recommendations

Every week you will receive a meditation recommendation so you have different mindfulness meditation practices to choose from throughout the year. 

Reflection Journal

Every week you will receive a reflection journal worksheet so you can create your own mindful journaling practice and integrate your meditation in your life.  

Completition Certification

If you complete 100 Hours of Mindfulness Meditation Practice, you will recieve a completion certificate at the end of the year. You will also be added to a raffle where one lucky winner will win a special mindfulness gift basket.

Disclaimer: This certificate is to recognize  your own mindfulness practice. You will not receive a mindfulness teacher certification at the end of this program. 


Sadhana 2023 group includes:

  • accountability group
  • motivational threads
  • weekly meditation recommendations (meditations created by Sneha and other mindfulness teachers)
  • weekly reflection journal
  • 12 live satsang + Q/A calls (1/month)
  • milestone social media posts to help you share your progress with your friends
  • all the benefits of a regular mindfulness meditation practice
  • meditation accountability tracker form
  • mindfulness book club
  • raffle prizes for sadhana completion(if completed by Dec 31 2023)
  • certificate for 100 hour completion (if completed by Dec 31 2023)

What it does not include:

  • a meditation library (you are to use your own mindfulness meditation library or app for this program)
  • personal messaging from Sneha or any other admin of Shift 2 Prosperity to keep you accountable
  • personal answers to your questions in personal messengers
  • accountability beyond Dec 31 2023

Price For 1 Person

This pricing is for you to be a part of 100 Hour Mindfulness Sadhana group for the calendar year 2023. 


Bring 1 Friend Along

This pricing is for you  and your friend to be a part of 100 Hour Mindfulness Sadhana group for the calendar year 2023. 


Bring 2 Friends Along

This pricing is for you to be a part of 100 Hour Mindfulness Sadhana group for the calendar year 2023. 


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