UNLIMITED Laser Coaching Package FOR A YEAR!


 A Laser coaching session is a focused 15-minute coaching session on one specific issue that is impeding your progress where you need help right now. 



You will receive unlimited coaching calls for a year with Sneha or a certified Stress-Free Prosperity Activation Coach. Each call will be 15 minutes long. You will hear a timer go at the end of the call. You will be given homework or a task at the end of each session that will be agreed upon together. You will have to finish this task or homework before you book the next session. 



This package is great for self-driven professionals and entrepreneurs who need quick guidance, energy or mood reset, or a perspective shift, quick brainstorm to move from their stressors to prosperity quickly. 

Ideal for time-starved leaders who are under pressure and need a solution quickly and do not have time for hour-long coaching sessions.

Good for people who are generally satisfied with life and need small improvements and growth spurts. 


Ideally suited for

Relationship Issues

Communication Issues


Brainstorming space

Clarity for next steps

Getting unstuck

Resolution seekers (not for self-discovery)

Get it done accountability for your goals ( personal, finance, business, book writing)

Money stories and financial shifts

Creative blocks

Mental clutter

Mindfulness and meditation practice blocks

Perspective shifts


Not included

No access to email coaching back and forth

No Voxer, WhatsApp, or messenger support



Goal Setting

Choose one goal in one area of your life, career or business. Once that goal is met and you have still time remaining in the package, we can set a new goal together. 



What is Included?

  • Initial 30 minute call to learn more about you and your goals for this package. 
  • Unlimited 15-minute video or audio/phone laser coaching sessions for one year
  • A downloadable recording of each session
  • A confirmation email with homework assignment and a link to schedule next call


The cost of one unlimited package for the year is $997. If you divide that by 12 it is hardly anything. This is the beauty of this package. It is versatile, laser and costs almost nothing. 

If you are unable to do the homework, please set up a call so we can discuss how to finish the homework efficiently and understand what is keeping you stuck. 

No, the cost of this package is very low, so there is no payment plan. 

You can request a refund after the first 30 minute session, if you believe I cannot help you achieve your goals. After the first session, no refunds will be given. Of course, I do not want unhappy clients so we will resolve and see how to move forward in the best manner on a case to case basis. 

In your first 30 minute call, or anytime later, if you need extra support, please email me or talk to me about it. I will share with you relevant options then. 

That is completely ok. The initial 30 minute session will help you get huge clarity towards your goals.

Yes, for a self-motivated person (for whom this package is designed), 15 minutes are more than enough. These calls will not have the usual how do you do and weather talk. It will cut the unneeded and directly address situation at hand. 

I joined her 3- month program, with the goal of making some big changes in my business.  I so appreciate Sneha’s varied and skilled tool-bag, her caring insights, and her humor. She is a fantastic mix of intuitive and practical—she’d go from pulling meaning from my dreams or doing a beautiful Reiki or sound healing session, to giving super-practical guidance on time management, productivity, and my business model.

I enjoyed the sessions immensely—and after those 3 months, felt I was much more present and focused. I had a much more realistic and sane grasp of how much time I was spending IN my business (vs. ON my business) and I am so much more aware of how there are not separate compartments for healing, business, time, spirituality. They all flow together and Sneha is so brilliant at conducting that flow. For anyone wanting to bridge the energetic
and practical parts of themselves, I highly recommend her 1:1 programs.

Madeleine Eno

I was going through a rough phase in my life and I am thankful to have made that decision of taking Sneha’s 1:1 coaching program every single day. I have come out to be a different person in a better way – happy and positive towards life.
Thank you, Sneha for the work that you are doing and making lives better!!!”
Hope this helps, and wish you all a blissful 2021!!
Manjari AG

I have been working with the beautiful and spiritually gifted Ms. Sneha for years.  From day 1 until now her loving and caring healing energy has assisted me and (5) five of my closest friends in clearing negative energy from our past, seeing what’s possible for our future, and finding our purpose in this lifetime.  I am so impressed and in awe of Ms. Sneha’s spiritual gifts

Tamara (Tammi) Edwards

Hi, I am Sneha Jhanb.

I will be your laser coach for this coming year and help you achieve your goals most efficiently and effectively. 

I am an Industrial Engineer turned Neuro-Transformational Coach and I am thrilled to share this coaching package with you. 

With my background and education in engineering, personal finance, mindfulness, coaching, energy healing, I am multi-faceted, highly creative and passionate to use a mixed-modality approach to help you build the life of your dreams on your own terms. 

 I am an Amazon #1 New Release Author for the book Stress-Free Prosperity, A Mindful Path To Joy, Abundance and Wealth. I am known for helping people achieve stress-free prosperity using my multi-modality toolbox. 

I am a self-compassion advocate. My mission in life is centered around helping people find prosperity, wealth and abundance while minimizing stress. 

I explore practical, spiritual , energetic and financial realms to help my clients not just survive, but thrive. 



I’m ready when you are! Your laser coaching experience is right around the corner.

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