Declutter For Abundance

March 28- April 1 2022


Join Sneha for a 5 day challenge where you can de-clutter your way to finding more money, more opportunities, dream relationships and collaborations and more abundance. 

1. Learn the miracle magic of de-cluttering and open to abundance and opportunities that are already around you

2. Break the clean/messy cycle and become more intentional with your space

3. Learn how de-cluttering will help you attract more money and more opportunities. 

4. Easily attract ease in your relationships in these crazy times

5. Learn how to de-cluttering in one area can create momentum in every other area of your life. 

6. Get my best tips on short-cutting the de-cluttering process so it is quick and easy and you create more time to focus on what matters the most 


Meet the Host Of This Challenge

Best Selling Author

Sneha Jhanb

I am the author of #1 New Release on Amazon, across multiple categories, Stress-Free Prosperity, A Mindful-Path To Joy, Abundance and Wealth.  My work has appeared in Elephant Journal, Raising World Children, Deseret News, IMC, Thrive Global, The Power of Moms, The Notable Woman Podcast and more. 

In addition to writing, I regularly help my tribe create simple shifts in their actions, habits, behaviors, mindset and energy to achieve their goals, create momentum and unlock the key to stress-free prosperity. 

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