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Even though so many of us want abundance and prosperity, many women are stuck in lack. That energy stops us from creating so many amazing things in our life. It’s my mission to help you to step out of lack, and into real and lasting abundance. 




In these 3 days, you will learn

1. How to bring the balance of masculine and feminine energies of your personal and business finances

2. Why it is time to move away from blame and resentment so that you can create real wealth

3. How To create space for wealth – mentally, physically and spiritually


This workshop is for heart-centered women professionals, entrepreneurs, business owners, authors healers, coaches and professionals who want to

1. Feel confident in their money decisions

2. Value their self-worth

3. Take control of their financial future

A financially empowered woman is a free woman. She can live her life by choice and not by what others dictate or decide. That is a power that every woman must have over her own life. That is why this work is so very important.

– Sneha


Host: Sneha J

Sneha Jhanb is the author of #1 New Release on Amazon, across multiple categories, Stress-Free Prosperity, A Mindful-Path To Joy, Abundance and Wealth. My work has appeared in Elephant Journal, Raising World Children, Deseret News, IMC, Thrive Global, The Power of Moms, The Notable Woman Podcast, and more.

In addition to writing, I regularly help my tribe create simple shifts in their actions, habits, behaviors, mindset, and energy to achieve their goals, create momentum and unlock the key to stress-free prosperity. My clients are heart-centered women who are looking to manage their energy and finances and create wealth on their own terms. 

Event Info


Nov 11 – 13, 2021


Online, Link will be sent to registrants


11am – 12:30 pm daily on event dates

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