Want To Design Your Dream Life in 2022?

Join me for a 5 week Prosperous Life By Design bootcamp and finally create a solid foundation of values, vision and action plan to make your dreams come true. 

Bootcamp Begins Jan 17 2022


 Hello! I’m Sneha

Conscious Prosperity Coach

Yet another year, where you missed your dream goals? Yet another year where you felt like you could have done better with your money and time? Yet another year, where you feel like you are dealing with your money from an unconscious place and feeling less than abundant? 

Sometimes it feels like it is too easy to get wrapped up in our everyday lives, dealing with friends and family that we don’t have time to consciously deal with finances. 

Then it feels like others are living to their fullest, but when you look back at your past year, you feel miserable. 

Are you ready to create 2022 and beyond that is abundant and prosperous? It is time to relax and know that I got you! 

Hi! I am Sneha Jhanb, Conscious Prosperity Coach, and Amazon International #1 New Release Author. I am hosting a magical 5 week program where your life is radically and wonderfully going to change for the better! 

Let’s get ready and prepared to live our prosperous year yet!

Most Vision Boarding is Done Wrong.

Yeah, I said it. And it’s true. Around this time of the year, everyone gets excited about creating vision boards. Vision boards are amazing. I love them. In fact, I have loved making vision boards and seeing how miraculously some things start showing up immediately in your life to give you evidence that your dreams will manifest when you take inspired action. 

But I believe that before one goes out making vision boards every year, every person needs a detailed well thought out version of a prosperous self BEFORE we dive into your vision board. It is essential to get crystal clear about how you want your life to shape up along with keeping some room for magic and miracles to happen.

Sneha, How Will You Do That?

I have a magical process that helps you get so clear on what you want to create, that it starts to appear on it’s own. I’m excited to share that process with you 

Let me say that again because it’s so important. I have a process that I will take you through that will help you get so much clarity in your year, that it will start to manifest on its OWN.

My Favorite Dreams That Have Come True Using This Process

  • Becoming a published author, when I really was worried that I couldn’t
  • Move from Vegas to a greener space! (Atlanta happened, of course!)
  • Owning a Tesla car
  • Traveling internationally in a first class
  • Naming my business “prosperous” (That was something that happened too literally)
  • Speak at retreats and corporate environmen
  • Paid coaching clients
  • Getting our basement built out at 50% of what I wanted to pay to get it built
  • Egypt 
  • Northern Lights
    And so much more…


In this Prosperous Life By Design bootcamp you will experience the amazing connection and learning that goes on within the sacred space of new positive-minded friends and have me as your guide to set the perfect foundation for creating the life you’re probably only dreaming about right now.

How is this bootcamp different?

In this bootcamp, you will not only be creating a prosperity board but you will also learn how to use the power of intention, visualization and intuition in your daily life and create a habit of manifesting magic in your life. 


 The benefits of joining this boot camp are:

  • Capture learnings of the past
  • Release old energy and belief systems that no longer serve your goals
  • Getting crystal clear on the prosperity vision of what you desire in 2022 and beyond
  • Learn the rituals and take action to make a prosperous you come true

    Here’s how we make it happen:

    • We meet every week for 5 weeks and together work on creating a crystal clear vision for your authentic prosperous life. This is a live workshop and it is not recorded. 
    • You get personal group coaching from me every week for 5 weeks
    • You not only create a prosperity board, but also create an action map to know how you are going to get there step by step. 
    • You learn manifesting rituals that will help you accelerate your goals

    Take small steps now to set yourself up for an incredible 2022 and beyond.

    Time and time again you may have thought that this was your year, but you let that by. Maybe you did not have the support, maybe you did not know all the action to take.

    Maybe it became overwhelming. 

    So what. Do not let that stop you from conquering your new goals in 2022. I am here to  support you in that dream,  in creating the vision and the action plan for it too. It’s time to actually make your dreams come true.

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