Join an active community of smart, diverse, like-minded, heart-centered women working together to grow their wealth consciousness

Hello Sister!


My name is Sneha and I am here to help you embody spiritual and financial wealth and attracting it into your life – even if that’s not your current reality!

I have combined years of experience in neuro-transformational coaching, helping people with personal finance, stress management and energy healing work to help you bring momentum in your goals and dreams through my prosperity activation mastermind community.



Prosperity Activation Mastermind™ is a weekly Sunday circle that will help you: 



  • Gain confidence about your ability to create abundance and wealth in your life

  • Stay on track and take action towards your financial goals

  • Create peace and prosperity in your finances

  • Understand how to create wealth in your world starting now


Have you ever felt like you do not understand money? Or are you someone who wants to learn more about money but does not know where to start?  Maybe you are feeling too dependent on others for your own money decisions.

Maybe you have a lack of imagination or confidence around money and wealth building. Maybe you are someone who carries stories about money passed down from generations in your family.

I am here to tell you that you are not alone. We are all wired as women to think about money differently than men.

Let’s talk about some statistics about women and finances 

  • Over 43% of women leave their paying jobs during child-bearing years, lose their salaries and money takes a backseat. When they come back to work, they may have to start from square one when it comes to paychecks.
  • Women spend on average about 2 hours a day in unpaid labor (child care, cooking, cleaning, etc etc).
  • 5 times more women than men live on paycheck to paycheck without an emergency fund
  • The pink tax costs women on an average $1321 more than men (just because these products are marketed differently)
  • 62% of women say that money is their #1 source of stress
  • Women have a longer life expectancy than men making it more important for women to have a plan for retirement years.
  • Since the pandemic began, women are hired less

I can keep going on and on about statistics but I am here to help women change their mindset around money and finances and help them get on their path to grow wealth.








Weekly Calls

Weekly Group Calls Every Sunday at 8 pm EST that will host book club, accountability, activation and intuitive readings. 


Prosperity Activation

Every month, you will receive a prosperity activation that will help you shift your prosperity and wealth activation wisdom and help you embody wealth consciousness. 



You will connect with like-minded individuals that are on similar spiritual, entrepreneurial, or leadership paths and you will have a go-to circle to share your thoughts , read books together and mastermind with in a closed group format. 



You will receive actionable strategies to create alignment in your work and purpose and to let go of all that does not serve you. 



In the accountability circle, you will receive help to set your business, career and financial goals as well as support around creating clear action steps and strategies to achieve them one action at a time. 



Every month you will receive an intuitive reading for the inner circle along with a meditation to help you deeply connect with your spiritual side



Through the form of member of the month, silent auctions and member interviews, you will get a chance to share your work, your art with a broader audience. 

When you join the circle, every month

  • you get to showcase a charity that will receive 10% amount of donation from your membership price
  • you get validation that your path is the right one and that it will help you support your family
  • you will be supported to live your purpose and create income from it
  • you will feel at peace that you can contribute to your family

Results I’m Already Seeing From People Working With Me

One client quit her job and is starting her own business

Another client is making Confident financial decisions

Everyone is building strong financial foundations

Everyone is working on healing emotional wounds and traumas around money

Women are getting clarity on the stepping into greater wealth


I have known Sneha personally for about 10 years now. When we first met little did I know that soon she would turn from an acquaintance, to a friend to a close friend and now my teacher and my guide. I have seen her evolve and grow in so many different areas of life, she has been always an entrepreneur at heart.  I have seen her leave the corporate life and venture into her business for so many different ideas. 

I have always admired her strength and courage to try out new things and have always learned from her so much.  It is from her that I learned to face my fears of money and uncertain future, it is from her that I have learned to dive into sound meditation, it is from her that I have learned to experience new things in life.  

I am forever grateful for our beautiful friendship and so happy for her. Congratulations on your first book Sneha, I am sure it will benefit a lot of people, looking forward for many more to come.

Namrata K. 

After an insight and spot-on Tree of Life reading with Sneha, I joined her 3- month program, with the goal of making some big changes in my business.

We met a few times a month for Reiki, mindset work, and business brainstorming. I so appreciate Sneha’s varied and skilled tool-bag, her caring insights and her humor. She is a fantastic mix of intuitive and practical—she’d go from pulling meaning from my dreams or doing a beautiful Reiki or sound healing session, to giving super-practical guidance on time management, productivity and my business model.

I enjoyed the sessions immensely—and after those 3 months, felt I was much more present and focused. I had a much more realistic and sane grasp of how much time I was spending IN my business (vs. ON my business) and I am so much more aware of how there are not separate compartments for
healing, business, time, spirituality. They all flow together and Sneha is so brilliant at conducting that flow. For anyone wanting to bridge the energetic and practical parts of themselves, I highly recommend her programs.

Madeleine E. 

The worst mistake you can make in your business and personal finances is to ignore the topic altogether. If you run a business or a household or are living in today’s world, it is necessary for you to get help around your money shame and build more confidence in paying attention and working on your finances and taking all the necessary decisions.

Let’s together change the statistics about women and wealth one small step at a time.

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